How do I find the document I need?

In the search line of the Digital Library website you are welcome to input any word or word combination, either a title of a book, an author’s name, a title of a research paper or a year of publication. In that case the search will be realized on all categories and in all collections.


Sample word combinations for simple search:

      • History of Church
      • Slovo o Polku Igoreve (Legend about Prince Igor)
      • Alexander Pushkin
      • Lomonossov. Kratkoy Rossiyskoy Letopissets s Rodosloviyem (Abridged History of Russia with its Emperors)
      • Saint-Petersburg, 1829
      • Physics of atomic nucleus and ultimate particles

For shortening you can use the * symbol. For example, request "Alexander*" will result in the following answers:

  • "Ode on the death of Alexander 1st" by Avksentiy Martinov
  • Regulation on Alexandrov Lyceum
  • Reference book by A. Alexandrov "Tables of thermalphysic qualities of water and water vapour"
  • Psalter published in Alexandrovskaya Sloboda
  • other editions

If you input the data into the search line on pages Universal Collection, Early Printed Books or Digital Library of Dissertations, the search will be realized only within those collections. The request from page Digital Library will lead to the search in all the collections at a time.

You are also welcome to use the possibility of the extended search. Here you can input combinations of different search parametres and choose the collections for searching in them.