Scientific and Educational Literature

Number of documents: 18 321 items
Last updated: September 2013

The collection has been created for broadening access to digital funds of the RSL. Its development makes a new step in settlement of relations between libraries and right — owners.

The collection includes:

  • monographs, this including translated ones, and collections of scientific works;
  • textbooks and manuals for high and higher education institutions published within last 10—12 years;
  • classics of scientific works.

Themes of works of the collection:

  • literature on Law by leading publishing houses including comments to legislative materials, textbooks on the legislation of the Russian Federation and other states, etc.;
  • literature on Psychology;
  • editions on Economics;
  • monographs and textbooks on Sociology, Political science, History, Culture Study, Philology;
  • textbooks and manuals on Physics and Mathematics;
  • editions on Technology, Logistics, Building Science, Geology, Ecology, Oceanology, Life Safety, Design, etc.

Readers can enjoy books of such publishing houses as "Prosvescheniye" ("Enlightment"), "Unity", "Kogito Centre", "Piter", "Lan" ("Deer"), "Finansi i Statistika" ("Finance and Statistics"), "Knizhniy Mir" ("Book World"), "Aleteya", as well as by publishing houses of the Institute of Psychology of the RAS and RASS.

The collection has been created on the basis of contracts with authors and owners of rights on digitization of works and their entrance to the collections of the digital library of the RSL. The collection also contains documents digitized in the process of creation of the National Library Resource.

Owing to peculiarities of the national Copyright legislation, the majority of works are in the restricted access. Readers are welcome to get acquainted with them at one of reading rooms of the RSL. The collection is constantly replenished.