Legal notice

According to Article 1274 of the Civil Code of RF:

'In case when a library provides free of charge temporary access to copies of works legitimately introduced to the general public usage, this does not require author’s or other copyright holders' consent and implies no royalty. The digitized copies of such works, provided for free of charge temporary access, including inter-library loans, may only be available at libraries' premises, under the condition of preventing digital copying of the works in question.

The exemption to this rule are works wich passed into the public domain in accordance with Article 1282 of the Civil Code, which states:

  1. Upon the expiration of the exclusive copyright, a research, literary work or artistic work, whether published or not, passes into the public domain.
  2. A work that passed into the public domain may be used by any individual without consent or agreement and with no royalty implied, while authorship, author’s name and the original integrity of the work remain under legal protection.
  3. An unpublished work in public domain may be published by any individual, unless publishing does not contravene author’s explicit will unambiguously expressed in written (in a will, letter, journal etc)

and works whose authors entered a licence agreement on free common use of the work. (Article 1286 of the Civil Code)

In the latter two cases the Library is entitled to provide unrestricted access to the digital copy of a document.