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Early Printed Books — is a collection of books printed before 1830 stocked in RSL. It embraces electronic copies and facsimile editions of most prominent books of high cultural, scientific and historical significance.

The collection currently features books printed in early Slavonic printing houses in Poland, Montenegro, Walachia, Venice and Prague, including the Ochtoekos (Book of Eight Tones) printed by Schweipolt Fiol in Krakow. There is also a range of the 18th century editions printed by Moskovsky Pechatny Dvor (Moscow Printing House).

A full and comprehensible range of most significant 18th century legislative and state documents and descriptive works includes: 

  • Manifests, acts, statutes, tariffs adopted during the reign of Czar Peter I, Czarina Anna (Anna Ioannovna), Elisabeth (Elisaveta Petrovna) and Catherine II.
  • Statistics records, geographic and topographic descriptions of regions, provinces and towns (compiled by I. Lepekhin, P. Pallas, P. Rychkov). 
  • First editions of most significant records and studies in Russian history and culture: annals, treaties, books of heraldry, ’Early History of Russia’ by M. Lomonosov, ’History of Russia from the earliest times’ by V. Tatischev, ’History of Russia from early times’ by M. Scherbatov, the Dictionary of writers by N. Novikov and other rarities.

Recent Acquisitions

Феофан Прокопович, Рассуждения о книзе Соломоновой, нарицаемой Песни песней ... В лето от воплощения Бога слова 1730. — Москва: Тип. И. Лопухина, 1784. — V, 46 с.; 4°

Читать книгуFeofan Prokopovich, Discussions about the book by King Solomon , known as Song of Songs ... In the summer of embodiment of God’s word 1730. — Moscow: Print. I. Lopukhin, 1784. — V, 46 с.; 4°.

The real name of the book — 'Discussions about the book by King Solomon, known as Song of Songs, it is not the will of a man, but by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit been written by Solomon, and like not carnal in its mind, but is of the spiritual and the divine, and is a book among the undoubted books of Holy Scripture of the Old Testament; Against unreasonable and unintelligent sapient men, it is easy to doubt this reasoning about this book, suspecting Solomon with his bride, the daughter of Pharaoh, in body, not in soul; Written by the Archbishop of Veliky Novagorod and Velikie Luki, Feofan Prokopovich. In the summer of embodiment of God’s word 1730'.

The reason for writing of the 'Discussions' was the talk the author Feofan Prokopovich had with Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev, with whom he had met during the Prut campaign. 'Discussions about the book by King Solomon' (1730) have been written by Prokopovich in the response to the denial of the divine origin of 'Song of Songs' by Tatishchev and was first published in 1774.